Troxler Equipment

Troxler Electronic Laboratories precission equipment

Troxler Electronic Laboratories is an US leading manufacturer company of high-precision equipment for measurement and control, in purpose of construction and civil works.

Wordlwide known as a radioactive equipment for moisture and density measurements manufacturer since 1958, Troxler has developed since its founding more than 100 patents for a range of equipment currently in use in the construction industry.

In addition to the well known radioactive equipment for moisture and density determination, Troxler produces equipment such as the Superpave gyratory compactor, ovens for binder content determination by infrared ignition, and diverse laboratory equipment.

Mecánica Científica, S.A. exclusively represents Troxler since 1973 and, during these more than three decades, we have supplied our customers a wide variety of Troxler equipment, including more than 700 moisture and density measuring devices – by radioactive methods -.

NTO 4731 Ignition Oven
Troxler 4640 nuclear densimeter
Troxler 3440 nuclear densimeter
Troxler 3430 nuclear densimeter
Troxler 4300 Soil Moisture Gauge